The role of superior personality in sales presentations

The role of superior personality in sales presentations. Superior personality is one of the keys to the success of each employee in building a career. The same goes for Sales Executives. 

In his book Lacy Techniques of Salesmanship, Paul J. Micali, Associate Professor in sales. Lacy Sales Institute London revealed that a superior personality is the foundation for the success of Sales Executives.

He stated that all modern selling techniques in this world cannot help improve the performance of Sales Executives if they do not develop their personality.

No matter how good the product is, if it is handed over to weak Sales Executives, it is difficult to expect it to sell. On the other hand, if a mediocre product is handled by strong Sales Executives, it can be expected that sales will be successful.

John W. Ernest in the book Salesmanship Fundamentalist

John W. Ernest agrees with the statement above. In his book Salesmanship Fundamentalist, he states that superior personality accounts for 80 percent of the success of Sales Executives selling their products.

Furthermore, he stated that no matter how detailed the Sales Executives’ knowledge of the product they offer, or the marketing area of ​​the product and the consumer of the product, they cannot be expected to succeed in selling the product before successfully “selling” themselves.

Before consumers decide to buy a product from a Sales Executive, they will first decide whether they are willing to “buy” the Sales Executive, want to listen to their explanation of the product, want to consider the suggestions they put forward, want to waste time talking to them and so on.

A person’s personality is formed by a combination of various innate traits or traits and patterns of the social environment that surrounds him from childhood to adulthood.

Personality that Supports Product Sales Success

In his book, Paul J. Micali states that there are four special personalities that are needed to support product sales success. According to Paul, the special personalities that can be built are as follows:

Examples of Characteristics That Support the Success of Sales Work: Courageous, tolerant, patient, diligent, tenacious, logical thinking (logic), imaginative, clever, genuine, frank, honest. , Enthusiastic, Sincere (sincere), Energetic, Good at controlling emotions, Confident, Self-respect, Wise (tact) (self-confidence) (self-respect), Generous, Independent, Humble (self-reliance).

  • Merak ati – Fun ( the engaging personality )
  • Convincing (
  • the compelling personality )
  • Dynamic ( the dynamic personality )

Personality Merak Ati

A person with an affectionate or agreeable personality causes others to like him . Personality peacock ati is needed to drive the success of Sales Executives selling any type of product.

Personality like this is especially needed when product competition is very tight, where differences in product quality, price, delivery schedule, product brand fame and so on are minimal.

In such situations, prospective buyers tend to buy products from the Sales Executives they use. Some guidelines for building a loving personality:

1. Don’t talk too much about yourself.

A Sales Executive must always try to stay away from the habit of praising himself in front of other people. Any prospective buyer is not interested in listening to the greatness of the Sales Executives who serve him.

They want Sales Executives to talk about themselves or their company, their needs and the goods or services they need or want.

2. Always look for positive things

Sales Executives must avoid the habit of criticizing others or talking about it behind their backs.

In addition to its shortcomings, each person has its own advantages in the form of appearance, habits, speech or behavior. Those advantages should be sought and pleasantly commented on when meeting with prospective buyers. 

By having this habit imperceptibly the Sales Executives themselves will get two benefits for themselves.

  • First they will grow into characters that are liked by most people they meet.
  • Second , by giving good comments about someone’s goodness, imperceptibly that person’s good nature will blossom in the Sales Executives themselves.

3. Respect yourself

Every Sales Executives must respect the advantages they have. This is necessary to strengthen self-confidence and not allow oneself to be harassed by potential buyers who are not serious. Nevertheless they must abstain from the habit of self-praise.

The role of superior personality in sales presentations (foto/special)
The role of superior personality in sales presentations (foto/special)

4. Control opinion

One of the taboos for a Sales Executives is to disagree with potential buyers. In Salesmanship there is an expression that says “you can win your argument with your customer, but you might lose your sale”.

This phrase can be translated as “you can win in arguing with a potential buyer, but there is a possibility that the potential buyer will not buy the product you are offering.”

To warm up the atmosphere of meetings with potential buyers, Sales Executives often open their conversations by talking about things outside the purpose of offering a product, for example the weather or traffic conditions in their city.

The opening conversation will affect the atmosphere of the next meeting, therefore it must be done carefully. Sales Executives should avoid opening conversations by discussing sensitive matters, such as politics or religion. 

This is necessary because sensitive discussion material can lead to disagreements with potential buyers.

5. Be attentive to others

The role of superior personality in sales presentations. If you want to have a pleasant personality, Sales Executives must develop the habit of paying attention to everyone they meet, including receptionists, secretaries and even gatekeepers to the companies or offices they visit.

The habit of sincerely greeting and thanking everyone they meet is a must have for every Sales Executive.

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6. Cheap Smile

Giving a smile to others costs nothing. Whereas a bright smile is the spread of liking to others and can therefore create a pleasant meeting atmosphere.

Sales Executives have to like their prospects because if they don’t like their prospects they will have the problem of not being able to sell their products. A bright smile at a potential buyer can open a meeting towards a buy-sell meeting atmosphere.

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