Characteristics of a good sales person


Characteristics of a good sales person. A convincing personality causes others to trust the person concerned and can accept his suggestions with confidence. Convincing personality plays a very important role in supporting the success of product sales.

1. Convincing

personality Convincing personality can be built by paying attention to two general guidelines as follows:

a. Have in-depth product knowledge

In order to convincingly state the benefits of the products offered to buyers, Sales Executives need to have in-depth knowledge of the products they offer.

Sales Executives are expected to be able to satisfactorily answer any questions that potential buyers have about the product.

Sales Executives are also expected to know important things about competitors’ products including their strengths and weaknesses.

They are also expected to know the atmosphere of competition in the market, which rival companies occupy the top position in the market, which companies are at the bottom and on which board are the positions of the companies they represent.

b. Not lying

Sales Executives are expected not to lie to prospective buyers and customers. Buyers who do not have technical knowledge about the machines or equipment they are going to buy, for example, expect Sales Executives to be honest in providing technical explanations for these products.

If they smell the lie in the explanation they will doubt the truth of the next explanation. Sales Executives who are caught lying to their customers will no longer associate with them, something that can hinder the smooth entry of product purchase orders. 

2. Authoritative

Authoritative personality can guide other people to do something (e.g. buying a product) in accordance with the recommendations or suggestions of the personality owner (in this case Sales Executives).

The more prominent the authoritative personality of Sales Executives, the more likely they will be able to convince consumers to buy their products. An authoritative personality can be built by practicing the following three guidelines: 

a. Building self-control skills

Sales Executives must be able to force themselves to do the various things necessary to expedite the process of selling products, even if they don’t really like it.

Although with a heavy heart, in the event that it is necessary, they must be willing to accept objections, opinions or suggestions from prospective buyers that are not the same as their own.

Sales Executives must be able to shake off their unconventional habits. As a general rule it is said that in order to be able to master others, everyone must be able to master himself first.

These guidelines also apply to Sales Executives, before they can “master” potential buyers so they are willing to make an appeal to buy a product, Sales Executives must be able to master themselves first.

b. Building determination to complete the task

To arrive at a consumer decision to buy a product, a buying decision process is needed which in many cases takes quite a long time. 

Sales Executives must follow the buying decision process diligently, tenaciously and patiently. If they are half measures in doing their job the results will not be optimal.

For selling products that are expensive and have to compete with other companies, the hope of selling products often arises and sinks as the buying decision-making process progresses. In such circumstances, the determination of the Sales Executives to complete the task is very necessary.

Characteristics of a good sales person (foto/special)
Characteristics of a good sales person (foto/special)

c. Building the speed of thinking in dealing with consumers

Characteristics of a good sales person. The ability to think quickly in product presentations or dealing with consumers can be built by analyzing the success of Sales Executives in each of their meetings with buyers, then practicing it in other meetings. 

For this reason, when completing a meeting, Sales Executives should take a short break to record various kinds of success in answering questions and handling objections raised by prospective buyers during the meeting.

They don’t need to think about their failure unless it is a fatal mistake. This habit will help Sales Executives think positively and build a positive personality as well.

In addition, this habit also helps them to be optimistic in facing critical situations, full of hope and long-sightedness. 

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3. Dynamic Personality

Paul J. Micali states that not many people have dynamic personalities. This is because in order to have a dynamic personality one must have (or succeed in building) a combination of the three personalities, namely compassionate, convincing and authoritative in a balanced manner and supported by high self-confidence and full of enthusiasm.

This element of balance is the key to success in building a dynamic personality. For Sales Executives, high self-confidence and enthusiasm will grow if they have made successful sales presentations or offered products in front of prospective buyers many times and have obtained substantial purchase orders many times.


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