Sales promotion techniques

Sales promotion techniques. Sales promotion is a form of direct persuasion through the use of various incentives that can be arranged to stimulate immediate product purchases and/or increase the quantity of goods customers purchase. The goals of sales promotion are manifold.

Through sales promotion, companies can attract new customers, influence their customers to try new products, encourage customers to buy more, attack competitors’ promotional activities, increase impulse buying (purchases without prior plans), or seek closer cooperation with retailers.

In general, these objectives can be generalized into:

  1. Increasing demand from industrial users and/or end consumers.
  2. Improving intermediary marketing performance.
  3. Support and coordinate personal selling and advertising activities.

Contained properties. in sales promotion, including communication, incentives, and invitations (invitation). The nature of communication means that sales promotion can attract attention and provide information that introduces customers to the product.

The nature of incentives is to provide valuable privileges and stimuli for customers. While the nature of the invitation is to invite the audience to buy right away.

A. Grouping based on objectives

Sales promotions carried out by sellers can be grouped based on the objectives to be achieved. The grouping is as follows:

  1. Customer promotion, namely sales promotion aims to stimulate/encourage customers to buy.
  2. Trade. promotion, namely sales promotion aimed at encouraging/stimulating wholesalers, retailers, exporters, and importers to trade goods/services from the sponsor.
  3. Sales-force promotion, namely sales promotion that aims to motivate the sales force.
  4. Business promotion, namely sales promotion aims to acquire new customers, maintain contact with customers, introduce new products, sell more to existing customers, and educate customers.

Overall sales promotion techniques are marketing tactics that have a very short-term impact. Sometimes sales only increase during sales promotion activities.

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Sales promotions are also not able to undermine customer loyalty to other products, even sales promotions that are too frequent can reduce the image of the quality of the goods/services because customers can interpret that the goods/services are of low quality or are included in the cheap category.

However, it is acknowledged that sales promotion generates a faster response than advertising. 

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