Relationship marketing program

Relationship marketing program. Relationship marketing is based on the assumption that important accounts need constant and focused attention. Salespeople working with important customers must do more than just call in when they think the customer is ready to order.

They should also visit at other times, take customers to dinner, make helpful suggestions for their business, and so on. They must monitor these important accounts, know their problems, and be ready to serve them in various ways.

1. The main steps to forming a marketing program

These are some of the main steps in forming a relationship marketing program in a company:

a. Identify customers

Identify key customers suitable for relationship marketing. Companies can select their five or ten largest customers and use relationship marketing with them. Other customers can be added if it shows high growth.

b. Delegating tasks

Assigning an expert relationship manager to each key customer. The salesperson servicing the customer should receive training in relationship marketing.

c. Job descriptions

Create clear job descriptions for relationship managers. The job description should describe the relationship manager’s reporting relationships, objectives, responsibilities, and evaluation criteria. 

The relationship manager is responsible for the client, is an important source of information about the client, and is the driving force of the company’s service to the client. Each relationship manager has only one or a few relationships to manage.

d. Evaluation criteria

Appoint a general manager to oversee the relationship managers. This person will develop job descriptions, evaluation criteria, and resource endorsements to enhance the effectiveness of the relationship manager. 

e. Creating a customer relationship plan

Each relationship manager must develop a long-term, annual customer relationship plan. The annual liaison plan will state the objectives, strategy, specific actions, and required resources.

When a relationship management program is implemented quickly, organizations will begin to focus on managing customers as well as managing products. 

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At the same time, companies will realize that while there is a strong and definite push toward relationship marketing, it is not effective in all situations. Ultimately, companies must assess which segments and which customers will respond profitably to relationship management.

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