Sales promotion goals


Sales promotion goals. The main purpose of promotion is to inform, influence and persuade and remind target customers about the company and its marketing mix. In detail the three objectives of the promotion can be described as follows:

1. Informing (informing), can be in the form of:

  • Informing the market about the existence of a new product,
  • Introducing a new way of using a product,
  • Conveying price changes to the market,
  • Explaining how a product works,
  • Inform the services provided by the company,
  • Straighten the wrong impression,
  • Reducing the fear or anxiety of buyers,
  • Building the company’s image.

2. Persuading target customers (persuading) to:

  • Shaping brand choices,
  • Shifting choices to certain brands,
  • Changing customer perceptions of product attributes,
  • Encouraging buyers to shop right away,
  • Encouraging buyers to accept salesperson visits.

3. Reminding, may consist of:

  • Reminding the buyer that the product in question is needed in the near future.
  • Remind buyers of places that sell company products.
  • Make buyers remember even if there is no advertising campaign.
  • Keeping the first memory of the buyer falls on the company’s products. For example, if a buyer wants to buy bath soap, it is hoped that his first memory will be the Lux brand.

If viewed from an economics point of view, the purpose of this promotion is to shift the demand curve for the company’s product to the right and make demand inelastic (in the case of rising prices) and elastic (in case of falling prices).

Meanwhile Rossiter and Percy (in Prayitno, 1993) classify promotional objectives as the effects of communication as follows:

  • Growing customer perceptions of a need (category need).
  • Introducing and providing an understanding of a product to consumers (brand awareness).
  • Encouraging the selection of a product (brand attitude).
  • Persuading customers to buy a product (brand purchase intention).
  • Offset the weaknesses of other marketing mix elements (purchase facilitation).
  • Embedding product and company image (positioning).
Sales promotion goals (foto/special)
Sales promotion goals (foto/special)

In short, promotion relates to efforts to direct someone to get to know the company’s products, then understand them, change their attitude, like them, believe, then finally buy and always remember the product.

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4. Promotional mix

Although in general the forms of promotion have the same function, these forms can still be differentiated based on their special tasks. Some of the special tasks or often called the promotion mix (promotion mix, promotion blend, communication mix) are:

  1. Personal selling,
  2. Mass selling, consisting of advertising and publicity,
  3. Sales promotion,
  4. Public relations (public relations),
  5. Direct marketing.

Each of these promotional mixes can be implemented by utilizing the various tools presented.


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